Day 2 of the the 2023 World Bowls Indoor Championships concluded the Quarter Finals of the Mixed Pairs event, with Scotland being the only nation going through to the Semi-Finals undefeated. The Australian pairing of Sherrif/Cottrell as well as Guernsey’s Merrien’s go through on a win and draw each, while England’s Hembrow/Puckett combo fought back after losing to Malta 1 -10 in the first set, to go on to take the second set 6 -3, then winning by a shot in a tie-breaker set.

The Semi-Finals will take place on Thursday 11th May from 6.30, with the lineup being:


Over to the Singles events, and Sections 1 – 5 in the Women’s Singles played their first two rounds, while the Men’s Singles played their round one matches.

The women’s contest resulted in three nations so far undefeated, including Malaysia’s Nurul Alyani Jamil, Ireland’s Lesley Mills and Australian Kelsey Cottrell. Scotland’ Julie Forrest and the USA’s Dee McSparren are also undefeated having played just one round so far and a bye. The final section (6) commenced their second round matches this morning, with today’s play continuing through to rounds three and four.

In the Men’s event, again it was Australia leading the charge with Aron Sherrif dominating, only conceding one end in each of his round one sets, and both sets resulting in the same score of 15 – 2 against the USA’s Scottie Marzonie. The men played out their round one matches throughout the day with multiple two-set winners leading their sections. Nations leading the pack early include Fiji, Turkiye, Ireland, Malaysia, Switzerland, England, New Zealand, Thailand, Jersey & Scotland.

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