World Bowls president John Bell has been returned unopposed to the position of the sport’s number one member.

A former England international and world champion, Mr Bell also has a distinguished record off the green over many years as an official and administrator.

In accepting his second two-year stint in the sport’s top job, Mr Bell observed that the lack of other nominations was surely an endorsement of what he and his board have been doing.

Here’s what Mr Bell said following the recent announcement of his re-election:

“I am honoured and delighted to have been returned for a second term as president of World Bowls.

“When I took office in 2014, my priority was to restore stability and a strong sense of purpose to our sport’s global governing body.

“The new board, our chief executive and our assistant to the chief executive responded with enthusiasm. Together we achieved a high degree of solidarity that has enabled us to formulate and implement a programme of action to advance the well-being of our great sport worldwide.

“I am proud to list a number of successful initiatives that have been undertaken during my inaugural two years of office:-

  • The establishment of a detailed monitoring and forecasting system for World Bowls finances;
  • The introduction of a Development Strategy focusing on the provision of assistance for our smaller bowling nations – including the staging of a ground-breaking European Development Seminar;
  • The creation of a website to serve as a global reference point for our sport;
  • The appointment of a Commercial Director to facilitate the generation of external revenue;
  • The appointment of a professional Communications Manager to promote the work of World Bowls in particular, and the profile of our sport in general;
  • A review of our Performance Standards for synthetic bowling surfaces;
  • And the submission of an application to the International Olympic Committee with the view of our sport achieving Olympic recognition.

“Of course, we should never overlook the successful running of our annual programme of world events.

“I hope that the positive attitude and actions witnessed over the last two years have demonstrated that World Bowls is determined to fulfil its role as a progressive and effective governing body.

“I thank my fellow Directors and the officers of World Bowls for their stalwart efforts. Similarly, I thank the bowling nations and key stakeholders across the world for their support.

“Continued progress can only be maintained with the support of the expertise and experience that exists within our fraternity.

“There is much more work to be done, but at World Bowls we relish the challenge. I look forward to presiding over another two years of determined effort and we will leave no stone unturned to be the effective and progressive governing body the global bowls community can both relate to and respect.”

Photo: England’s John Bell – recently appointed for a second term as president of World Bowls.