Alternative Equipment

The Boundary Liner Siter

The liner siter is an open rectangular frame with a pointer and an angled mirror at one end and a sighting-frame at the other. A piece of wire runs along the centre of the frame from the base of the mirror to the top of the sighting-frame. It is suitable for deciding whether a jack or bowl is within the boundaries of the rink of play. The bowl or jack may either be on the green or in the ditch.

When using a liner siter:

  • Make sure you follow the Common Procedures for conducting a measure described earlier.
  • Check that the boundary pegs are in a vertical position.
  • At the end of the rink closest to the bowl or jack which has to be checked, stand on the green with feet apart.
  • Hold the boundary liner with both hands with the vertical sighting wire nearest to you.
  • Place the boundary liner point to the centre line of the boundary peg, whether it is fixed to the face of the bank or is on top of the bank.
  • With your head above the vertical sighting wire, look into the mirror and align the wire with the centre of the far boundary peg.
  • Without moving your head, the disputed bowl or jack can be seen enabling an accurate and immediate decision to be given.
  • To check a bowl or jack in the ditch, use the boundary liner above the disputed bowl or jack, and align to the far boundary peg. Look down past the horizontal wire at the bowl or jack in the ditch.
  • If the disputed bowl or jack on the green is very close to the ditch, align to the far peg as above and then tilt the boundary liner downwards so as to bring the bowl or jack into view.
  • At all times, as seen in the mirror, the vertical sighting wire and the centre of the far peg must align.
  • Make the decision, indicate the result to the players and leave the green.

Using a boundary Liner Siter

 A boundary Liner Siter