Alternative Equipment

The Long Tape

You can use the long tape instead of the string measure. The tape is a calibrated tape attached to an L-shaped frame. You use a screw on the base-plate to fix the tape in place when you have extended it to just short of the distance necessary and a screwpointer on the end of the tape to make any fine adjustments.

When using a long tape:

  • Make sure you follow the Common Procedures for conducting a measure described earlier.
  • Place the tape base so that it is just touching the bowl.
  • Looking from behind the bowl, make sure that the tape is pointing in a straight line from the bowl to the jack and spike the tape to the green if necessary.
  • Extend the tape until the screw adjuster is just short of the jack and lock the tape at this distance.
  • Use the screw adjuster until the minimum of contact is made with the jack.
  • Check to see that the tape base is still in contact with the bowl.
  • Without altering the setting of the measure, remove the tape from the bowl and reposition it against the second bowl to be measured so that it points directly to the jack.

Using a Long Tape