There was no surprise today as we embarked on week 2, brilliant bowls!

After three rounds the leaders are;

Women’s Triples, Section One, Ireland, S McIntyre, S O’Neill, C Wilson.  Section Two, Canada, J Cooper, B Van Steijn, E Boyd and New Zealand, L Poulson, T Bruce, V Smith. Section Three, Malaysia, N Alyani, S Haidar, A Arshad and India, T Choudhary, Pinki, R Rani Tirkey.  Winning all three games today. Section Four, South Africa, T Muvhango, E Kruger, A Snyman. Winning two games and having the bye.

Women’s Pairs, Section One, Norfolk Island, C Anderson, S Wilson. Section Two, Philippines, M Baronda, R Bradborn and New Zealand, S Goddard, K Inch.  Winning all three games today.  Section Three, Malaysia, A Nawawi, N Tarmizi. Winning two games and losing one. Section Four, England, S Tolchard, A Pharoah. Winning two games.

Men’s Singles, Section One, Ireland, Gary Kelly and India Putul Sonowal. Section Two, Japan, Kenta Hasebe Treacher, England, Sam Tolchard and South Africa, Wayne Rittmuller. Section Three, Jersey, Malcolm De Sousa. Section Four, Australia, Aaron Wilson, Hong Kong China, Tony Cheung and Wales Daniel Salmon.  All players winning three games today.

Men’s Fours, Section One, New Zealand, T Grantham, C Le Lievre, L Pascoe, S Bagrie-Howley.  Winning two games and having the bye. Section Two, Wales, O Dando, C Kiefenz, R Owen, J Breen and Namibia, C Steenkamp, A Cambell, C Peake, J Jacobs. Both winning two games and a draw. Section Three, United State of America, B Brault, B Schneider, A Zangl, L Dion. Section Four, England, L Ridout, E Morris, N Brett, J Walker. Both winning all three games today.

Day 8 brings three more rounds of sectionals, some great match ups. Keep up to date with all the scores via Live Scoring and watch the action via Live Streaming on the below links.

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