Roy Garden, passed away on Friday 20 January 2023 aged 61, after surviving for over two years with Stage 4 Cancer. Roy was a determined guy who never gave up and tried every trick in the book in an effort to delay the inevitable progress of that dreaded affliction. He spent his last two weeks at his Brother’s home in Harare where he could listen to and watch the wonderful birdlife and views that we are blessed to have.

Roy spent the majority of his life in Bulawayo (Zimbabwe) being schooled at Hillside Junior School and then Hamilton High School. With just 4 O levels to his name, Roy will not be remembered for any scholarly highlights: whilst his 3 siblings were all teachers pets in the classroom, Roy was out there smacking cricket balls all over the park. Roy believed that no-one is born better than you at anything – if you are determined and focused, you can be the best in the world – he ended up as the effective world champion at Lawn Bowls by winning the Gold Medal for Zimbabwe at the Kuala Lumpar Commonwealth Games in 1998

Roy’s sporting prowess started early in life with school colour’s for soccer and cricket in Standard 4 (grade 6) followed by 4 more in grade 7; Rhodesia U 15 Soccer; and, more colour’s at High School. He was very tall (6’4”) so he learnt how to do the Fosbury Flop winning the Interschools High Jump with a Matabeleland schools record that was unbeaten for over 20 years. In the early years he represented Matabeleland in Cricket and Basketball with National Colour’s for Squash, Athletics and Bowls.

Overall Roy was a feisty guy who could turn on the charm when necessary but never thought of losing as an option in the sporting arena. The cricketing fraternity were well aware of this and their constant taunts when he was batting would often result in him launching a smattering of 6s all around the park. It was sometime in his twenties, however, that he decided that Bowls was the sport for him dedicating most of his time in the pursuit of excellence. He won his first Zimbabwe Singles when he was 29 and his last much later just a few months before being diagnosed with Lung and liver cancer. Over the Years Roy represented Zimbabwe many times at World Bowls, World Masters and the Africa States Tournaments.

Roy leaves behind his ever-loving life time partner, Lesley Peinke.