Guidelines for Markers

Incorrect Procedures

Displaying superfluous lollipops
Allowing any superfluous lollipops to be visible when the number of shots is being indicated should be avoided.
For example, the marker in Picture 7 is attempting to indicate that two shots are being held or have been scored. The presence of the lollipop suspended below the horizontal, will almost certainly lead both the players and the spectators into thinking that three shots are being indicated.

Holding the lollipops too high
The lollipops should be held at head height as described in section 2.
Any desire either to hold the lollipops ‘aloft’ or thrust the lollipops skywards in response to a moment of drama or excitement should be avoided (Picture 8).

Gesturing with the lollipops
When the lollipops are displayed in the manner described in sections 2, 3, and 4 above, the players, television cameras, scoreboard operators and spectators should all be able to see them without any difficulty.
Any desire to gesture with the lollipops, such as thrusting them in the direction of an inattentive scoreboard operator to bring the score to that person’s attention at the conclusion of an end should, therefore, be avoided (Picture 9).

When lollipops should and should not be used
As mentioned in section 1, the decision on whether lollipops are to be used during an event rests with the Controlling Body. Should the Controlling Body decide that lollipops are to be used, it will usually specify when they are to be used. For example, either:

  • during the course of each end – to indicate the marker’s opinion of the current state of the head for the benefit of spectators, or
  • at the conclusion of each end – to indicate the result of that end, or
  • both during the course of each end and at the conclusion of each end.

During the course of each end
When giving an opinion on the current state of the head for the benefit of spectators, the marker should, without disturbing the players, have a look at the head, decide who is lying shot and how many, then display the appropriate number of lollipops. If there is any doubt as to which bowl is shot, the marker should always indicate that it is a measure.

At the conclusion of each end
When indicating the result of an end, the marker should wait at the front of the head until the players have agreed the number of shots scored and by whom. The marker must confirm the result with the players verbally (for example, by saying “two shots to red, gents”) before displaying the appropriate number of lollipops

Picture 7 – Displaying superfluous lollipops

Picture 8 – Holding lollipops too high

Picture 9 – Gestering with lollipops