Alternative Equipment

Mirrors and Squares

The mirror is a standard mirror with a thin black line marked down its centre and can be used as an alternative to the long string. It is suitable for deciding whether a jack or bowl is within the boundaries of the rink of play. The bowl or jack may either be on the green or in the ditch.

When using a mirror and square:

  • Make sure you follow the Common Procedures for conducting a measure described earlier.
  • Take the equipment to the end of the rink nearest to the jack or bowl to be checked.
  • Make sure that both boundary pegs are in a vertical position.
  • Place the square against the jack or bowl to be checked, making sure that the blade is just touching the jack or bowl and is on the rink of play.
  • Make sure the blade is vertical by checking the levelling bubble and spike the square down if necessary.
  • Return to the mirror end and set it in front of the peg with the centre line of the mirror in line with the centre of the peg.
  • Look into the mirror and line up the centre line of the mirror and the edge of the square with the centre of the boundary peg at the other end of the rink.

Using a Mirror & Square