Umpire Development

Guidelines for Umpires

Common Procedures for deciding the shot 

The following procedures should be followed by umpires when deciding the shot and are common to most measures.

  • Make sure you are asked for your judgement before stepping in.
  • Before going on the green make sure there is no risk of your clothing moving the jack or a bowl
  • Make sure you have all of the equipment that you need
  • Before you start measuring determine from the players what is required to be measured
  • Ask the players to remove any bowls not included in the measure
  • Do not remove any bowls yourself unless asked to do so.
  • Ask the players to stand well clear of the head
  • Use wedeges to secure any bowls that are on their running surface or leaning against another bowl
  • Get into a well balanced and comfortable position
  • Use the open side of the measure
  • When measuring over a distance of more than 1m or into a ditch, ask for assistance from a player, marker or fellow umpire.
  • Your assistant will take the jack end of the measure and you should give clear instructions.
  • Move around the head and not in between the jack and the bowls.
  • Measure bowls that are laying flat first as it is easier to find their nearest point
  • When you have measured all the bowls return to your original bowl and check the measurement
  • When measuring to a jack or bowl in the ditch, stand or kneel on the green not in the ditch
  • If you determine that the bowls are equidistant from the jack, turn out the jack.
  • Check bowls in the ditch are touchers after measuring.
  • Turn out the bowl or bowls that you determine to be shot and tell the players your decision.

Before going onto the green

Pre-measuring routine

Carrying out a measure

Carrying out a ditch measure

Communicating your decision