Alternative Equipment

Laser Measures

Recommended for distances of:
Minimum: 300 mm

This is an alternative to the box string measure. Laser measures vary in design and accuracy tolerances (+/- 1 mm to +/- 3 mm). For this reason, it is recommended that their use should be avoided for jack to bowl distances of less than 300 mm. The laser measure should not be used for measuring to objects in the ditch.

The measures consist of a proprietary laser measuring device, a frame or holder for support and in some cases reflective target plates for placing against the jack or bowls. The manufacturers operating instructions should be followed when carrying out a measure as described below.

When using a laser measure (exercises 1 and 6):

  • Make sure you follow the Common Procedures for conducting a measure described in section 3 above. It is not necessary to return to the original bowl to recheck the distance.
  • Follow the setup instructions provided by the manufacturer of the model of laser measure being used. Ensure that the laser is switched on and is in the correct operation mode in accordance with these instructions.
  • If target plates are used for the model of laser measure, working from behind the bowl or jack, carefully move the target against the object ensuring it is in a direct line to the object being measured.
  • Take your position behind the jack or bowl and place the laser measure between the jack and the bowl. Carefully move the measure against the object ensuring it is pointing in a straight line towards the target or object.
  • Activate the laser in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. Straighten the laser measure again and position the laser beam so that it is pointing to the centre of the target or the nearest point of the object being measured.
  • Activate the laser again to record the distance.
  • Follow the same procedure for other bowls to be measured.
  • Make a decision as to which bowl(s) are shot and communicate your decision to the players.
  • Turn the device off.

An example of a laser measure