2019 Atlantic Championships

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2019 Atlantic Championships-Section draws as at 160519

Atlantic Championships 2019 COP-Final

2019 Atlantic Championships-Selected Players and positions 190519

2019 Atlantic-Matches Schedule Rinked as at 180519

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Men Singles S1                Men Singles S2                 Men Pairs S1                 Men Pairs S2

Men Triples S1                    Men Triples S2                  Men Fours S1                Men Fours S2

Women Singles S1              Women Singles S2           Women Pairs S1            Women Pairs S2

Women Triples S1              Women Triples S2           Women Fours S1           Women Fours S2

Men Singles Finals             Men Pairs Finals              Men Triples Finals        Men Fours Finals

Women Singles Finals       Women Pairs Finals       Women Triples Finals   Women Fours Finals

2019 Atlantic Championships-Overall Trophy points

2020 World Championships-Atlantic Qualifiers




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