SEVERAL new faces will be appearing in the forthcoming European Championships hosted in Jersey 24th to 29th September.

It will be the third time the island has staged the event, having previously done so in 1999 and 2001. The Les Creux Bowls Club in St Brelade will again be the venue for the competition as it was 15 years ago.

As well as the home nations, England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, bowlers from Guernsey, Isle of Man, Spain, Turkey, Cyprus, Germany, Netherlands and Israel will warmly welcome the two men and two women teams from fledgling nations France, Switzerland and Hungary.

The following players will represent their countries:-

Jersey: Thomas Greechan, Jamie Macdonald, Rachel Macdonald, Chris Grimes

Cyprus: Diane Roberts, Linda Ryan, Bob Manson, Loukas Paraskeva

England: Rebecca Wigfield, Jamie-Lea Winch, John McGuinness, Chris Yeomans

France: Cindy Royet, Audrey Vyt, Damien Sonney, Marc Pivard

Germany: Annett Kohler, Jana Zapp, Hartmut Kirmse, Mirko Limmer

Guernsey: Mat Le Ber, Matt Solway, Jackie Nicolle, Lucy Beere

Hungary: Rita Perlaki, Boglar Szrapko, Zoltan Pavelka, Gabor Foti

Ireland: Catherine Beattie, Mark Wilson, Andy Kyle, Megan Wilson

Isle of Man: Clive McGreal, Mark McGreal, Charlotte Dutton, Bernice McGreal

Israel: Tami Kamzel, Shira Eshel, Boaz Markus, Allan Saitowitz

Netherlands: Guurtje Copier, Saskia Schaft, Ralph De Rooij, Frank De Vries

Scotland: Emma McIntyre, Natalie Docherty, Jason Banks, Greg McLachlin

Spain: Tom Rogers, Graham Cathcart, Velia Wood, Carol Bloomfield

Switzerland: Sitanan Zaller, Christian Haldimann, Simone Kunz, Beat Matti

Turkey: Rahsan Akar, Ozkan Akar, Vulsat Arac, Havva Konanc

Wales: Bethan Russ, Emma Gittins, Chris Klefenz, Chris Ashman