Guidelines for Umpires

General Awareness

Make sure that the banks are kept clear of extraneous objects (bowling bags, articles of clothing and so on) and that no object (for example, the mat) is allowed to overhang the face of the bank.

Make sure that any indicators used to mark the position of a jack or a bowl in the ditch are removed from the face or top of the bank prior to the start of the next end played in that direction.

General Conduct

Avoid dominating the proceedings and dealing with the players in an arrogant or overbearing manner.

Be courteous at all times.

Do not normally interfere in any situation which arises on the green unless requested to do so by the skips in a team game or by either player or the marker in a Singles game. There are times, however, within the Laws of the Sport when you may have to become involved without such a request (for example, foot-faulting, possession of the rink and if the skips make a decision that is not in line with the laws).

Make sure that your concentration is not broken due to:

  • getting involved in duties which are outside your concern (for example, updating either rinkside or central scoreboards)
  • paying prolonged or close attention to what is happening during one specific game on the green on which you are officiating or on an adjoining green (for example, watching a game in which a friend or club-mate is playing)

Whilst contact with spectators or officials cannot always be avoided when play is in progress, keep to an absolute minimum conversations with anyone not directly involved in the game.

Always maintain eye contact with the green during any such conversations.