As predicted today’s finals were not to be missed!

Women’s Fours

Gold (England) S Tolchard, J.L. Marshall, L. Kuhler, A Pharoah

Silver (Australia) K Krstic, D Hayman, L Clarke, K Cottrell

Men’s Pairs

Gold (Ireland)  A Mckeown, G Kelly

Silver (Australia) A Teys A Wilson

Men’s Triples

Gold (Australia) C Wedlock, A Sherriff, C Healey

Silver (Scotland) P Foster MBE, D Oliver, A Marshall MBE

Para VIP Mixed Pairs

Gold (Australia) J Hudson (R Hudson), J Fehlberg (C Fehlberg)

Silver (South Africa) M Homer (P Homer), H Scholtz (G Newcombe)

Para Women’s Pairs

Gold (New Zealand) J O’Connell, T Blackburn

Silver (Scotland) R Lenton, P Wilson

Tomorrow we still have two more Gold medal play offs.

Para Men’s Pairs  D Delgado, J Reynolds (Australia) v D Van De Vyer, G Rees-Gibbs (South Africa)

Women’s Singles Tayla Bruce (New Zealand) v Kelly McKerihen (Canada)

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