Alternative Equipment

The Bullet String Measure

The bullet string measure is an alternative to the box string measure and string measure. A button is pressed to adjust the length of the string. The string-pointer is held against the jack.

When using a bullet measure:

  • Make sure you follow the Common Procedures for conducting a measure described earlier.
  • Maintain communication with your assistant at all times.
  • Have your assistant place the string pointer of the measure against the jack
  • Press the release button to release the string.
  • Extend the string until the reel pointer just touches the bowl.
  • Check with your assistant that the string pointer is just touching the jack and the string is in a straight line from jack to bowl before you release the button to set your measurement.
  • Without altering the measurement, check the measure from the jack to the second bowl.
  • If the measure is to a jack or bowl in the ditch, make sure that the string crosses the ditch in a straight line between the jack and the bowl. Also, make sure that the string does not cut into the green at the point where it crosses the edge of the ditch

Using a Bullet String Measure