First Choice Equipment

The Box Measure

Recommended for distances of:
Minimum: 200 mm

The box measure contains a length of string with a pointer at one end and a reel at the other. A locking button is located on the top of the measure. Press down on the locking button to pull the string out and wind it back onto the reel. Releasing the lock button will secure the desired length of string for measuring.

When using a box string measure:

  • Make sure you follow the Common Procedures for conducting a measure described earlier.
  • Place the fixed pointer of the measure against the jack with the string extended a short distance facing the bowl to be measured.
  • Hold down the locking button and extend the string to the bowl until the tip of the pointer just touches the bowl.
  • Release the lock button on the measure and check that the measure is straight and accurate.
  • Without altering the setting of the measure, move the measure so that the fixed pointer is against the jack but the measure is pointing toward the second bowl to be measured.
  • Extend the string and check the measure against the second bowl by passing the pointer down from the top to the bottom and from side to side.

How to carry out a measure using a Box String Measure

Box String Measure

An example of a Box String Measure