Guidelines for Umpires

Prior to Arrival at the Venue

Having accepted the appointment, make sure that you have in your possession a copy of the Laws of the Sport (including any Domestic Regulations) and the Conditions of Play which apply to the competition. Become fully conversant with these and have any problems resolved by the Controlling Body in advance of your arrival at the venue.

Always arrive at the venue at least an hour before the competition is due to start and give yourself sufficient time to conduct the various duties which have to perform before the start of play.

Make sure that your dress is smart and tidy, is free from lapel badges and any other such adornments and is in line with the Conditions of Play for the competition.

On Arrival at the Venue

Report to the representative of the Controlling Body who is in charge of the competition and make sure that you know to whom you can report any problems which require the attention of the Controlling Body (for example, the condition of the green and the conduct of spectators).

Prior to the Start of the Game

Measure the width of the rinks of play and the distances of the 2-metre and 25-metre pegs and make sure that the rink boundary pegs and centre-of-rink pegs are in place. (Recheck these before any subsequent games are played on the same day.)

Make sure that the ditches and banks are the correct depth, width and height.

Make sure that the mats, jacks, any measuring sticks and bowl and jack indicators are present at the end of the rinks. (Recheck these before any subsequent games are played on the same day.)

Make sure you have your personal umpire’s kit with you. When you are umpiring a game, it is advisable to carry most of what you require with you (either in your pockets or in a suitable carry-bag) and leave your umpire’s case on the bank away from but close to the area of play. If appropriate, make sure that you have your drinks bottle with you.

Items that you should be able to comfortably carry with you are feeler gauges, callipers, wedges and box and string measures. It may also be appropriate to carry a cloth on which to kneel. A 30-metre tape can also be carried. Any items which are not needed when you are called onto the green should be left on the bank. If you need a boundary scope or square, you can collect them from a central location at the end of the green.

If you have not brought your own umpire’s kit, check that the umpire’s equipment is complete and in good working order.

Check that the bowls have a date stamp which complies with the Conditions of Play, have only one adhesive sticker on each side (if stickers are being used) and that each player’s bowls are all from a matched set.

During any introduction or preamble to the game make sure that the skips / players are aware of who you are and that you identify any coaches present.

Keep your remarks during any preamble to an absolute minimum, confining them to any new information of which the players may not be aware. For example, avoid restating any Laws of the Sport and Conditions of Play and avoid using phrases which may suggest that you have an officious manner.

If working with a fellow umpire, establish which clock you will use (if the competition is being played within time limits) and, in a shared measurement, which of you will make the decision.