Anti-Doping Regulations

Anti-Doping Regulations

Anti-Doping Regulations (Based upon the 2015 WADA Code)
View our full regulations here – ANTI DOPING REGULATIONS

Educational Resources

click here for World Bowls Guidelines for Clean Sport
Click here for WADA Education Platform – Adel link

Click here for List of Prohibited Substances – 2020

2019 Testing Statistics
8 in-competition tests were undertaken at the 2019 World Singles Champion of Champions, Adelaide, Australia. There were no Adverse Analytical Findings

Speak Up!
Anyone wishing to report a potential anti-doping rule violation in a confidential and secure manner should follow the link to the WADA ‘Speak Up’ program

File your report from your personal computer. Do not use a PC that is connected to a network/intranet.