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31 03, 2017

World Youth Championships Broadbeach Old – Day 5

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MEN'S SINGLES: Sec.1: Rd.7: Aaron Teys (AUS) bt Connor Rabey (GUE) 21-8, Izzat Dzulkeple (MAS) bt Lawrence Paniani (CKI) 21-10, Corey Wedlock (AUS) bt Gariga Babona (PNG) 21-17, Aaron Tennant (IRE) bt Rob Law (CAN) 21-11, Martin Sham (HKC) bt Carlos Tigere (BOT) 21-11. Rd.8: John Fleming (SCO) bt C Rabey 21-19, Law bt Tigere [...]

30 03, 2017

World Youth Championships Broadbeach Old – Day 4

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'Debbie' interrupts championships Only one round of Mixed Pairs (Section 1) was possible at the Tweed Heads indoor bowls facility today. With the imminent arrival of 'Tropical Cyclone Debbie' in the area, local authorities requested all players, officials and spectators return to their lodgings at noon for their own safety. It is anticipated that normal competition will resume [...]

29 03, 2017

World Youth Championships Broadbeach Qld – Day 3

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MEN'S SINGLES: Sec.1: Rd.5: Aaron Tennant (IRE) bt Connor Rabey (GUE) 21-20, Izzat Dzulkeple (MAS) bt Martin Sham (HKC) 21-11, Corey Wedlock (AUS) bt Rob Law (CAN) 21-18, John Fleming (SCO) bt Carlos Tigere (BOT) 21-7, Aaron Teys (AUS) bt Gariga Babona (PNG) 21-6. Rd.6: Fleming bt Lawrence Paniani (CKI) 21-16, Teys bt Tennant 21-11, [...]