Guidelines for Umpires

Position on the Green

Make sure that you remain by the side of the green whilst play is in progress.

Adopt a position from which you can perform your duties and move around the green in the most efficient way whilst, at the same time, avoiding any undue disturbance to spectators. When two umpires are on duty the following method of operation is preferred (subject to obstruction of or
by spectator seating).

The position of the first umpire is at the north / west corner – to deal with any matters arising on any of the rinks when play is at the north / west end of the green.

The position of the second umpire is at the south / east corner – to deal with any matters arising on any of the rinks when play is at the south / east end of the green.

The first umpire moves around on the north / west side and the second umpire moves around on the south / east side.

Avoid remaining in one position throughout the game. Be seen to be moving around the green (subject to any restrictions such as spectator seating), to be watching the progress of play and to being alert to what is happening on the green. Your aim is to be in the best position to offer assistance when called upon.

Whilst the game is in progress, keep alert and try to be aware of everything that is going on on the green. For example, if you notice that the jack or a bowl is heading towards the side of a rink, move towards that rink in anticipation of being asked to check whether it is live or dead.

When the result of an end is being decided and the players are measuring, move towards that rink so that, if they cannot make a decision and call for the umpire, you are close at hand.

When moving around the green, do not disturb a player’s concentration by walking behind the head when a player at the opposite end of the rink is preparing to play a bowl.

Where restrictions such as spectator seating and perimeter fencing make it impractical to access a rink directly from the bank, make sure that you walk across any adjoining rinks as close to the ditch as possible without disturbing either any heads or players (that is, avoid walking across an occupied rink between the mat and the head).

Do not sit down whilst play is in progress. Remaining seated for prolonged periods is incompatible with other requirements such as moving around the green to be in the best position when called upon.

Watch a jack being delivered. If it looks short, be ready to be called upon to measure the length of jack.

When you go to carry out a measure, ask the players which bowls are to be measured and ask them to remove any bowls not in contention (never remove them yourself).

Wedge any bowls which are on their running surfaces or are leaning against other bowls.

If the players stand over you when you are carrying out the measure, ask them to stand well clear of the measure (for example, either at the edge of the ditch or on the bank).

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