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Measuring Procedures

Common Procedures for Conducting a Measure

The following procedures are common to most measures and should be followed where appropriate:

  • Make sure you are asked for your judgement before stepping in.
  • Make sure the players advise you of exactly what requires measuring and ask them to remove surplus bowls. Do not remove any bowls yourself.
  • Secure any leaning bowls or bowls that are on their running surfaces using wedges.
  • If the bowl to be measured is obstructed by another bowl leaning on it, carefully remove the obstructing bowl after making sure that the bowl to be measured is properly wedged.
  • Always work from the more open side and at right angles to the bowl and jack being measured. If possible, avoid working in a shadow.
  • Make yourself comfortable and steady before you start to measure. Make sure that your head is directly above the line of measure and make sure that you can see both ends of the measure without overstretching.
  • If the distance to be measured is longer than you can comfortably reach (that is, over one metre), seek assistance from another umpire, the marker or a player. Your assistant should take the jack end and you should take the decision end. If the assistant is the marker or a player, give positive instruction of what you want them to do, especially when operating the release button on a measure.
  • When you are moving around the head, walk around the jack and bowls instead of in between them.
  • Where the measure is close (that is, feeler gauges are required) place a white strip of card or plastic on the ground below the points of contact of the measure to increase visibility.
  • Do not waggle the pointer attached to the end of a flexible measure or touch the bowl if it does not pass it.
  • Do not move the bowls or jack whilst measuring.
  • Always return to the first bowl to recheck the measure.
  • Before deciding the shot, always remember to check that any ‘shot’ bowls in the ditch have been marked as touchers.
  • Remove from the head the bowl that you have decided is shot and tell the players your decision. Remove the jack if it is a no-shot.
  • At no stage put your foot, knee or hand in the ditch

Common procedures for carrying out a measure

Measuring efficiently – saving time

Measuring efficiently – a four bowl measure

Measuring efficiently – a three bowl measure

Measuring Equipment
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