International Technical Officials

International Technical Officials

International Technical Officials are accredited by World Bowls to officiate at international events around the World including the Commonwealth Games and World Championships.

National Technical Officials with sufficient experience may apply to World Bowls to embark on the accreditation process. Details of the accreditation process and application forms are available in the documents below.

Once accredited, ITOs will be listed below and will be eligible for selection for World Bowls sanctioned events in accordance with ITO and NTO Selection Policy.

ITO Accreditation Procedures and Application Form
This document details the procedures for becoming an ITO together with the application form for accreditation.

ITO and NTO Selection Policy
This World Bowls policy decsribes the selection process for ITOs and NTOs for various events.

Accredited ITOs

Michael Andersch PA114 04/08/2021  
Barry Ashby PA131 30/03/2024  
Peter Barnett PA121 22/03/2023  
Garry Benveniste PA040 09/10/2021  
Joan Brotherton PA012 11/06/2020 extended to 6/21
Robert Carlson PA019 11/03/2025  
Ann Climas PA112 02/05/2021  
Neill Coker PA115 14/03/2022  
Mark Cowan PA032 11/03/2025  
Rob Coulson PA102 11/03/2020  
Anne Crabb PA123 22/03/2023  
Vic Culbertson PA113 23/05/2021  
Jeffrey Davis PA043 09/10/2021  
John Dawson PA071 10/04/2022  
Peter Delaney PA018 11/03/2025  
Hilton Dembo PA122 22/03/2023  
Loraine Dowson PA105 11/03/2025  
Bob Duddington PA127 22/03/2023  
Gavan Ebsworth PA128 12/03/2024  
Vicki Eva PA124 22/03/2023  
Roger Faerhmann PA044 09/10/2021  
Steve Franks PA015 23/05/2021  
Russell Frewin PA117 10/04/2022  
Robert Gilham PA081 16/03/2022  
Michael Goble-Garratt PA084 20/03/2022  
John Graham PA125 22/03/2023  
Carlene Gregory PA129 19/03/2024  
Gillian Harris-Mayes PA008 03/03/2020 extended to 3/21
Donald Hawse PA083 16/03/2022  
Frances Hewitt PA118 10/04/2022  
Pamela Hockings PA076 01/05/2022  
John Hodgkinson PA096 19/03/2024  
Sue Hogg PA097 12/03/2024  
Sarah Hope PA103 11/03/2025  
Ian Irvine PA070 10/04/2022  
Peter Landers PA011 11/06/2020 extended to 6/21
Gary Lasky PA130 19/03/2024  
Penny Lindeman PA126 22/03/2023  
Andrew Lynn PA035 27/04/2020 extended to 4/21
Diane Milner PA051 09/10/2021  
Doug Maconnachie PA077 16/03/2022  
Elaine McDonald PA110 19/03/2020 extended to 3/21
Gloria Norman PA106 12/03/2025  
Patricia Parish PA053 09/10/2021  
Leonie Price PA100 15/02/2020 Extended to 2/21
Joan Prosser PA054 09/10/2021  
John Roberts PA021 11/03/2025  
Alona Rogers PA101 15/02/2020 Extended to 2/21
Daryl Rowley PA028 11/03/2025  
Leigh Salter PA120 22/03/2023  
Mark Schafer PA078 16/03/2022  
Bob Schultz PA108 19/03/2020 Extended to 3/21
Neil Smillie PA080 16/03/2022  
Laureen Smith PA023 11/03/2025  
Anne Summerill PA116 14/03/2022  
Ronald K Walker PA049 09/10/2021  
Sandra Wallace PA049 09/10/2021  
Ann Walsh PA107 12/03/2025  
Lee Wesley PA104 11/03/2025  
Douglas Whorlow PA029 11/03/2025  
Nick Watkins AM003 12/03/2024  
Ken Bickley EU077 13/10/2023  
Dan Bluett EU065 08/08/2020  
Tony Hatch EU081 08/09/2024  
Nigel Hewitson EU073 18/11/2022  
Bernie Hill EU078 08/09/2024  
Ray Keen EU047 07/02/2021 Extended to 02/22
Susan Mates EU080 08/09/2024  
Robert Penny EU079 08/09/2024  
Victor Perry EU038 08/08/2020 Extended to 08/21
Angela Thompson EU044 13/11/2020 Extended to 11/21
Allan Thornhill EU039 07/02/2021  
Alison Welsted EU066 08/08/2020