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11 12, 2016

World Bowls Championships Christchurch NZ – Day 12

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Women’s pairs: Final: Laura Daniels, Jess Sims (Wales) bt Angela Boyd, Jo Edwards (New Zealand) 16-15. Men’s singles: Final: Shannon McIlroy (New Zealand) bt Ryan Bester (Canada) 21-17. Photos: (a) Laura Daniels and Jess Sims from Wales clinched the women's pairs gold medal. (b) Men's singles medallists: Ryan Bester (Canada) silver, Shannon McIlroy (New Zealand) gold, Aron [...]

10 12, 2016

World Bowls Championships Christchurch NZ – Day 11 results

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Women’s triples: Final: Carla Krizanic, Natasha Scott, Rebecca Van Asch (Australia) bt Emma Woodcock, Kathy Pearce, Anwen Butten (Wales) 17-6. Men’s fours: Final: Mike Nagy, Mike Kernaghan, Blake Signal, Ali Forsyth (New Zealand) bt Barrie Lester, Brett Wilkie, Aaron Wilson, Mark Casey (Australia) 22-4. Photos: (a) Australia's triples gold-medal winning women's team Bec Van Asch, Natasha Scott [...]

9 12, 2016

World Bowls Championships Christchurch NZ – Day 10 results

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Men's singles: Elimination finals: Aron Sherriff (AUS) bt Jon Tomlinson (WAL) 21-8, Darren Burnett (SCO) bt Fairus Jabal (MAS) 21-13. Semi finals: Ryan Bester (CAN) bt Darren Burnett (SCO) 21-20, Shannon McIlroy (NZL) bt Aron Sherriff (AUS) 21-17. Final: Sunday 1pm: Shannon McIlroy (NZL) v Ryan Bester (CAN). Men’s fours: Elimination finals: SCO (Ronnie Duncan, Iain McLean, Paul Foster, Alex Marshall) bt ENG (Louis [...]

8 12, 2016

World Bowls Championships Christchurch NZ – Day 9 results

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Men’s singles: Sec.1: Rd.7: Ryan Bester (CAN) bt Todd Priaulx (GUE) 21-11, Darren Burnett (SCO) bt Will Esterhuizen (NAM) 21-11, Kenta Hasebe (JPN) bt Johnny Ng (MAC) 21-9, Sunil Bahadur (IND) bt Aron Sherriff (AUS) 21-18, Malcolm De Sousa (JER) bt Pete Bonsor (ESP) 21-19. Rd.8: Bester bt Bonsor 21-18, Burnett bt Bahadur 21-12, Sherriff bt Priaulx [...]

7 12, 2016

World Bowls Championships Christchurch NZ – Day 8 results

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Men’s singles: Sec.1: Rd.4: Ryan Bester (CAN) bt Johnny Ng (MAC) 21-7, Darren Burnett (SCO) bt Aron Sherriff (AUS) 21-15, Kenta Hasebe (JPN) bt Sunil Bahadur (IND) 21-13, Malcolm De Sousa (JER) bt Todd Priaulx (GUE) 21-10, Pete Bonsor (ESP) bt Will Esterhuizen (NAM) 21-18. Rd.5: Ng bt De Sousa 21-16, Bahadur bt Bester 21-20, Priaulx bt [...]

6 12, 2016

World Bowls Championships Christchurch NZ – Day 7 results

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Men’s singles: Sec.1: Rd.1: Ryan Bester (CAN) bt Darren Burnett (SCO) 21-8, Aron Sherriff (AUS) bt Pete Bonsor (ESP) 21-14, Malcolm De Sousa (JER) bt Sunil Bahadur (IND) 21-17, Todd Priaulx (GUE) bt Johnny Ng (MAC) 21-19, Will Esterhuizen (NAM) bt Kenta Hasebe (JPN) 21-20. Rd.2: Bester bt Hasebe 21-19, Sherriff bt De Sousa 21-19, Esterhuizen bt [...]

4 12, 2016

World Bowls Championships Christchurch NZ – Day 6 results

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Double Gold for Bold Aussies An heroic trail shot to collect four shots and ultimate victory for Australian superstar Karen Murphy was perhaps a fitting climax to a day of Aussie domination at the Burnside Bowls Club. Leading 17-14 in the race to twenty-one for the women’s singles crown at the World Bowls Championships, Murphy [...]

3 12, 2016

World Bowls Championships Christchurch NZ – Day 5 results

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Women’s fours: Final: Australia (Kelsey Cottrell, Carla Krizanic, Bec Van Asch, Natasha Scott) bt England (Jamie-Lea Winch, Rebecca Wigfield, Wendy King, Ellen Falkner) 23-8. Men’s triples: Final: England (Jamie Walker, Andy Knapper, Rob Paxton) bt Australia (Barrie Lester, Mark Casey, Aron Sherriff) 15-14 (extra end). Photos: (a) England's gold medal winning men's trio, Jamie Walker, Andy Knapper and Rob [...]

2 12, 2016

Latest Inside Bowls Magazine Now On-Line

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THE December edition of Inside Bowls is now on-line and available for all bowling folk to read FREE of charge. Click here for all the latest news, previews and reviews from around the world. This month's edition features a comprehensive coverage of last month's World Singles Champion of Champions, Hong Kong's amazing International Classic, the Scottish International [...]